Who We Are

Chocolotus is a Philippine company specializing in organic high quality cacao plantation & post processing of cacao beans to deliver organic cacao beans and other cacao products for resellers and end-consumers.

We own the largest regional plantation & post processing center in Panay and are featuring over 500 hectars of cacao plantations across the Philippines.

We are a “bean to bar” premium one-stop shop for all matters related to organic cacao from nursery over plantation to post processing and sale of final cacao products.

B2B sector - Chocolotus is offering various handmade organic cacao products supplying international partners, processors as well as master chocolatiers with a focus on high quality organic cacao products, such as:

In the B2C sector – Chocolotus is creating more and more artisan products for the health conscious consumer and private chocolatiers alike, such as :

Driven by Social Impact

We have a humble beginning where local farmers became families, provided with more livelihood and sustainable income.

Cacao Partnership Program

By the year of 2017, we expanded in planting more cacao trees through our partnership program with local farmers all over the Panay Region. Working alongside, we achieved to plant roughly 350 hectares of cacao seedlings.

Chocolotus Davao

In 2018 we spread our wings, in a new partnership, to Davao de Oro. We built our Headquarters, post processing & chocolate facility in Nabunturan with our award winning partners.

Highest Quality Cacao Beans

Here in the heart and mountains of Davao de Oro, considered one of the best soils for agricultural products of the Philippines and worldwide, we grow our cacao trees that deliver a superior quality of criollo and hybrid beans.

Cacao Plantation

In 2015, we planted roughly 45,000 cacao trees in one piece of land, an assurance to provide "single origin" organic cacao produce.

Largest Processing Center in the Region

Chocolotus has grown eversince. We are now the biggest processing center of cacao in the region through the continuous hand-in-hand work with our local partners to bring you one of the best quality of cacao beans.

One of the largest cacao farmers & processors in the Phillipines

We strive there to become the largest farmer, consolidator and processor of cacao, currently operating around 130ha of farms in Davao and over 500 hectars in total.

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